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Finn and Noelle paint the town?

Finn and Noelle paint the town?

For several months, Finn and Noelle had been looking forward to the annual Black Tail Ball at the exclusive Cat Scratch Club in Manhattan. Although 100 cats would be in attendance, only 15 dogs had received invitations. Noelle surmised that she and Finn had been included because of their unusually positive attitude towards cats. They [...]

The Disappointing Guests

The Disappointing Guests

Although Leo appreciated the surprise birthday dinner his friend Finn lovingly gave for him, the invited guests had been rude. When the standing rib roast was set in front of Finn to carve, the Pit bull, Dalmation, a morose Beagle, two Labs, and one whiny Corgi had spontaneously leapt on the table and fought voraciously [...]

A Studio Interview

In Anna Dibble's studio: Kimberly Wang of Eardog Productions
Studio shots, & Pepper, Radar and Theo

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