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A Mysterious Melancholy

A Mysterious Melancholy

Although Quentin usually  loved September and October more than any other time of the year, this particular year he noticed a strange restlessness he’d only experienced before in late February.  Daily, the leaves quickly changed from dark green into the  fire colors he adored, the Ratatouille, and corn, shell bean and local pork sausage stir [...]

Louie’s challenge

Louie’s challenge

Although Louie had a reputation of being a steady, patient therapist who had helped hundreds of dogs and cats recover from various kinds of emotional distress – everything from the trials of living with difficult human beings to adjusting to radio fences -  he met his match when Cyrus walked into his office and curled up on [...]

Marcus and Jack go on Vacation

Marcus and Jack go on Vacation

Although Marcus and Jack lived together (with a couple of humans) in an apartment in Queens, they were only able to spend quality time with each other when they went on vacation, usually to Santa Fe. At home, Jack was often away, hanging out (and sometimes getting into serious trouble) with a pack of stray [...]

Buy 8 x 11 poster print This cartoon does not have to be explained to most dog owners.  Unless you live in an extremely remote place your dog probably barks, and neighboring dogs probably bark back.  Extend that thought to a chain reaction and you get ‘The World Wide Woof’. Our two dogs, Pepper and Radar,  run [...]

New dog head on the block

… To add to all the other dog obsessed postings in the blogosphere. This one is about dogs and also about my current art work which focuses on canines, with notes and comments about materials and thoughts about the process, progress, etc. My goal is to post at least five days a week, and to [...]

A Studio Interview

In Anna Dibble's studio: Kimberly Wang of Eardog Productions
Studio shots, & Pepper, Radar and Theo

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