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Truckin’ with the dogs I

Left Vermont on a late January morning.  10 degrees with stiff sharp breeze, spitting snow, driveway shiny with frozen version of recent rainfall.  Started out by losing the leashes.

Although we’d packed the pod in the truck bed the night before,  we had to repack it.     Loaded two and a half large purple bags of dry dog food  into industrial strength garbage bags for waterproofing, and stored them outside the pod to make room inside for more of our stuff:  laptop, printer, scanner, clothes, essential kitchen tools, work materials for both of us – light box, pencils, ink, papers, watercolor pastels, casein, watercolors, acrylics, brushes, reference materials, sketchbooks, J’s briefcase, papers, job folders, boxes of envelopes, padded envelopes, rulers, two old backpacks with dog supplies – rawhide sticks, toys, kongs, ear cleanser,  dog tranquilizer vitamins, old tennis balls…., as well as two dog beds in the back seat, John’s fiddle, bathroom stuff to take in and out of the motels, and an overnight pack for the same purpose.  After last minute trips to the post office and the bank, we headed towards Albany, 2 plus hours behind optimistic schedule.  Not too bad.              This is Pepper.

and Radar

the glorious billboards of Pennsylvania.  Stills and movies.

We carry the water in plastic grapefruit juice containers.  The food and bowls are stored in a small galvanized garbage can in the back of the pickup, next to the gate.  Someone didn’t secure the lid, and somewhere between Pennyslvania and Virginia where we spent the first night, we lost the lid. (hope it missed the cars and trucks behind us…)   Fortunately the weather was fair.

Winchester, Virginia. The ‘Lee-Jackson Best Western’.  Large prints of Lee and Jackson above the check in desk, small statues below them.  The Jackson statue featured the Confederate flag.  We’re not in New England anymore.  A good night, on the whole.  Though only a thin grassy strip outside, for the dogs.  Being country dogs, they are only comfortable peeing on actual ground, not macadam.

Although this photo makes this food look anemic, it is a lot tastier than any of the food we can find on the road.  My brother in law told me that Waffle Houses weren’t bad, so we tried one for breakfast here in Virginia.  They actually cooked real food on real stoves.  Good grits and country ham with the eggs and homefries.

Virginia farm land.


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