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Sibyl’s delusion

Although Sibyl came across to others as a friendly dog, eager to please, sociable and fun to be around, she had another, less obvious side to her personality.   She was under the impression (something she read in an online magazine to which she could never remember the URL )  that she could gain extra attention by tweaking the truth.   She very much wanted to be friends with the Poodle and the Irish Wolfhound, two of the most popular dogs in school.   When the Bulldog asked Sibyl if the Poodle ever shed her fur, Sibyl called the Poodle and told her that the Bulldog had a crush on her.   When the Saluki mentioned that the Irish Wolfhound had acted weird around a certain yellow cat, Sibyl emailed the Irish Wolfhound and wrote that the Saluki thought the Irish Wolfhound had fish breath.   Sibyl was encouraged when the Poodle and the Irish Wolfhound  paid more attention to her than they had before.  The three had a hilarious time rolling in  a pile of fresh horse manure together.    But the Bulldog scurried away in the other direction whenever the Poodle made her bold flirtatious approach, and the Saluki asked the Wolfhound to go on a date – a truffle digging expedition.   After awhile, Sibyl noticed that the Poodle and the Irish Wolfhound were pointedly ignoring her again.    Sibyl wondered if possibly the article in the online magazine had been wrong?  Life could be so confusing at times.

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A Studio Interview

In Anna Dibble's studio: Kimberly Wang of Eardog Productions
Studio shots, & Pepper, Radar and Theo

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