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A Mysterious Melancholy

Although Quentin usually  loved September and October more than any other time of the year, this particular year he noticed a strange restlessness he’d only experienced before in late February.  Daily, the leaves quickly changed from dark green into the  fire colors he adored, the Ratatouille, and corn, shell bean and local pork sausage stir fries he dined on with his friends in the field tasted so good he felt like jumping out of his fur or biting his tail.  On his walks with the serious but kind girl, Frances,  he caught and teased rodents in the tall roadside asters and goldenrod as they scurried around gathering seeds for the long winter ahead.

All these things were things he eagerly looked forward to during the other seasons, but he couldn’t shake his new dissatisfaction.  After a large amount of pondering he was still puzzled.  Possibly this melancholy had  something to do with his 7th birthday, which loomed on October 25th.  Or maybe it was the war, the depressing war that he realized would now probably go on forever.  On the other paw, his current frame of mind might have to do with the fact his shirt didn’t fit him very well.  He’d noticed the Bulldog and the Grayhound staring at it with odd expressions on their faces, when they’d all last dined together.   Of all these explanations, the shirt was the only one  he had the power to change, but he just couldn’t figure out if the shirt was actually the true problem.  In the end he decided it would remain a mystery.   To keep his demons at bay he began a routine of barking every night at 3 A.M. at a figment of his imagination.   Although this distraction totally annoyed the humans he lived with, it made him feel, momentarily, a whole lot better.

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In Anna Dibble's studio: Kimberly Wang of Eardog Productions
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