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An Aversion to Sticks

Pogo decided he had wasted way too much time trying to figure out why he wasn’t the least bit interested in sticks.  Recently  a red haired man in an Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe  T shirt brought an armload of sticks into the dog park, and all the other dogs danced about on their hind legs, rolled around on their backs, woofed excitedly, and generally made this huge deal out of the whole stupid  thing.  The Rottweiler, who was extremely popular,  had criticized Pogo when Pogo  made the mistake of yawning at the prospect of chasing one of the merrily thrown sticks.   Although Pogo thought the Rottweiler was full of himself, the remark did make him feel insecure, and he began worrying about his lack of interest in what he considered wooden substitutes for bones.  Maybe there was something seriously wrong with him.  Maybe he should talk to the Poodle shrink at the back of the pet store.  By the time the stick man left the park, and the other dogs had calmed down, Pogo was a nervous wreck.

But later, after supper, after the man and the woman let him curl up at the foot of their big soft bed, after the peanut butter treats, he wondered what he’d been so worked up about.  Funny how one minute you could get so obsessed with something that seemed so horrible and all-encompassing, and then a few hours later it shrank to a thing of little importance.  He sighed, and slipped into a dream about a shrew who always seemed to be just out of his reach.

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In Anna Dibble's studio: Kimberly Wang of Eardog Productions
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