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Shedding Season

Guston, the vampire dog,  lived a life of quiet desperation.  Ever since he could remember he’d had a frivolous obsession with his fur.    He vaguely realized it might be related to the behavior of Alison Strange, the woman with whom he shared an apartment and a bed.  Alison woke up every morning at 6  – just as Gus was going to sleep – and spent 1.5 hours in front of the mirror fiddling around with her rather ordinary brown hair.  She blew it dry, she sprayed it with two kinds of hair spray, she molded it one way with her fingers, then the opposite way.  She stuck her fingers in a jar of gluey stuff and then dabbed it on top of her head.  By the time she left for work she looked ridiculous.  In Guston’s case, there wasn’t much he could do about the condition of his fur because he didn’t have opposable thumbs.  He wished his fur was somehow more spectacular.  Shinier, or longer, wavier or all curly like the beautiful fur of George, the Standard Poodle who lived next door.   He fervently hoped he’d wake up one morning and his fur would have changed to black or red,  instead of mousy industrial green.  Sometimes he wondered if he would always have this obsession.  Maybe when he was old – nine or ten, for instance, he’d be more tolerant of himself, and wouldn’t care so much about his outward appearance.   Meanwhile, it was June, and the worst time of year – shedding season – had begun.    Tonight he’d try rolling in pigeon droppings.  Maybe that would jazz things up a bit.

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A Studio Interview

In Anna Dibble's studio: Kimberly Wang of Eardog Productions
Studio shots, & Pepper, Radar and Theo

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