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Brief Encounter

Thomas had never before met a wolf as charming as Radar.  The fact that  Radar only spoke and understood an obscure Mongolian dialect only added to her many wonders.  Dog was such a crude and simple language – so refreshing to meet someone who didn’t have a clue what he was saying.  He found he could talk endlessly to her about a certain gopher that had a bitter flavor he heartily disliked, or a hunting incident in which a wild chicken got away from him at the very last minute – and unlike his former girlfriends, she never yawned or  expressed other obvious signs of boredom.  She just sat there and smiled at him with her eyes.  Although deep down he knew he wasn’t saying anything particularly witty or intelligent, she made him feel as if he was fascinating and really quite brilliant.  As if the sun shone out of his rear end.   He decided that as soon as the band veered away from these loud R & B numbers and played a nice slow waltz,  he would  gallantly ask her to dance with him.  If he was a failure in many other aspects of life, he  always could depend on his inherited gallantry.

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A Studio Interview

In Anna Dibble's studio: Kimberly Wang of Eardog Productions
Studio shots, & Pepper, Radar and Theo

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