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st george island & apalachicola


St George Island is a skinny barrier dune about 20 miles long – 3 roads run the length, with many short cross roads.  Scrubby woods, pine and evergreen jungle.  2 kinds of palms – tall skinny kind and shorter variety that resembles a strange large pineapple.  Small inlets like canals, long beach on gulf side, rocky edge on bay side.  Oyster shells rule.  4 mile causeway to mainland, and then through Eastpoint and another causeway to amazing small quirky town of Apalachicola.  Fishing community.  Dog community.  Dogs and cats on the island – every way you look.  Dogs can run free on beaches, though the protocol is to carry leashes and snap them on when people come along.  but early in the morning there are few people (and it never gets crowded – as this is the off season).  Local fishermen catch shrimp in huge nets from funky wooden boats in the bay, and harvest oysters by hand from the beds.   some stores, but the area hasn’t been gentrified yet, so groceries are limited – ie not much fresh produce.  Seafood makes up for the loss.  I’m making gumbo  and soup and chicken and beans and rice.  Brought a cauliflower down in the back of the pickup and last night we had cauliflower gratin.  Outdoor bar, Eddie Teach’s, for high speed internet, and Tamara’s cafe con leche here in town.

our view

our view

The dogs are getting more exercise than usual in winter.  Besides more walks they’re having a blast chasing cats.  One of the first nights we were here  I took them out on leashes, and wham!  a cat!  Dropped leashes, cat disappeared , Pepper came back, Radar managed to wrap her leash and self around  a squat razor sharp cactus.  So we set up the radio fence in the above yard.

img_0796CAT PATROL.

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A Studio Interview

In Anna Dibble's studio: Kimberly Wang of Eardog Productions
Studio shots, & Pepper, Radar and Theo

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