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back in the saddle

"the cocktail party"

Or maybe ‘back in the doghouse’ is more appropriate.  It has been about 5 1/2 months since I last posted.  No excuses.   The painting above  is a 4′ x 4′ oil on baltic birch panel, and is titled ‘The Cocktail Party’.    It, and another that I’ll insert below were featured at  an ‘Art of Canines’ exhibit at the SVAC Elizabeth de C. Wilson museum for most of the summer.  This one was sold to a buyer who lives in Texas.

Also had a 2 month show of prints at the Healthy Living Market in South Burlington.   The upshot of that: am now painting commissions – pet portraits.  Will post a couple of these soon.

Pepper and Radar had a busy summer.  The mutts especially enjoyed Maine, where they spend their days lying around on the deck overlooking the inlet and listening, smelling, watching gulls, cormorants, seals, herons, guillemots, eiders, and lobstermen.


The dreaded Deer season has started here in VT.       Bow and arrow the last couple of wks, which is usually fairly easy to deal with because it’s hard to hit and kill a deer with a bow and arrow, so not too many people attempt it.  But this wkend was Youth hunting weekend, and large numbers of adult hunters grabbed any available youth in order to have an excuse to get out in the woods and pull rifle triggers at deer.   Pepper and Radar wear special fluorescent jackets when we go for walks.   At a distance Pepper could pass as a weird looking bear (it’s bear season now too….),  but Radar looks especially deer-ish.  A coat of many shades of brown.  A curly tail with a white underside.  She’s only 40 lbs and smaller than most deer, but hunters have been known to knock off horses, goats, and people, so Radar is clearly a possible target.   Next Saturday, the 14th, is the official kickoff for the season.  Hunter breakfasts abound.  Then 2 solid weeks of trucks parked on the sides of roads, guns going off at all hours, rigs with lazy guys inside, cruising at 10 or 15 mph along roads – road hunting – see a deer and just plug it from the window of your truck.  Super sized flashlights held by deer jackers zapping through the trees at night.  OOOOEEEE!

"Cocktail Party 2"

"Cocktail Party 2"

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