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The meaning of pets?

Fred the Foxhound

Fred the Foxhound

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It’s impossible to describe in words the reasons our pets mean what they mean to us. Millions, maybe billions of songs and books are written about our relationships with people in our lives and we spend a great deal of time talking about that, analyzing it, speculating, wondering. But, there’s something fundamentally different about our deep connection to the ‘other’ animals. Some writing has touched on it, some writers have come close to describing it well and accurately in prose and poetry. But there is still something elusive that we can’t describe, can’t pin down, can’t express in human language. It has something to do with the silence, that they can’t speak our language, even though they understand a lot of it. It has something to do with our search for interpreting their language, and them trying to interpret ours. (I think they are far more successful at it than we are!) But it also has something to do with an ineffable connection that goes way back to when we first connected with them, and they became what we call ‘domesticated’. Faulkner said ‘The past is never dead. It’s not even past.’ That part of our pet’s past — when the strong connection between our domesticated animals and us began – is ever present. There’s an extremely appealing mystery about that original bonding and its current presence, and that – at least to me – is one of the main reasons this relationship is so hard to describe in our words.



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