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One More Saturday Night

The Triplets of Dogville

The Triplets of Dogville

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It’s heating up for an early spring boogie at New Dog City’s famous Fireplug Club. All the young dogs are on vacation from highschool and college, and they’re planning their outfits and dates for what promises to be a Hot Night in the ole town. The Triplets are jazzing around the Club’s basement, warming up and rehearsing the tunes. Snacking on Pigs in a Blanket and gargling Bone Lemonade to keep their voices in top shape. On the docket for tonight: ‘The Wayfaring Coyote’, ‘Born in New Dog City’, ‘Cat Got Your Tongue – Ooo wa wa’, and their latest number (Hey, it’s an old song but they are REALLY excited about their take on it!) – ‘In the Jungle’. Here’s a snatch of their conversation that a local reporter, Bobcat Wilson, heard when he stuck his mike through the basement window:

Tina (first gal on stage R): “Hope that stupid little Norfolk Ned doesn’t show up again tonight.”

Foxie (Middle): “Yeah! Remember last Saturday!!! Right in the middle of the Fats Waller set he has the actual Nerve to trot up right Onto the stage and bark “Sing ‘How Much is that Doggie in the Window’!

Syd (Stage L): ” As if! What a dork. And then he frackin’ chased that naked cat across the bar. Lost our audience That night. Nothin’ more entertaining than a dog chasing a naked cat. He outta go hang in Rover’s Retreat. They’ve got that new folksinger – you know, whattshis name….He does all that dumbtail stuff.  You know, like that lame tune ‘Doggie Woggie Meatball’”

Tina: ” Bark Watson. He makes bigger bucks that we do, girlfriend.”

Foxie: “Yep, but OOOO WEEE we have more fun. Here comes Doxie!”



Doxie: “OK girls. Nuff yattering. Back to work. “

“In the village the peaceful village, the LI On sleeps tonight. A WEEMA WET A WEEMA WET A WEEMA WET!!!”

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